Photograph Preparation - Convert your Prints to Digital Files

Sure, all of your images are digital these days. They're easy to share and they can't turn yellow or get scratched, folded or destroyed. But what about your print collection, those old scrapbooks filled with images from your childhood, grandma and grandpa and your children growing up?

It's not only beneficial for passing along your cherished memories to your children and grandchildren, it's easy and affordable to have your old photographs digitized and retouched if necessary to restore them back to their original condition. You can make multiple copies of your photo DVD and store them in different locations or with friends and family so that you never have to worry about losing your cherished memories to fire, flood or some other disaster.

Using state of the art equipment, we will expertly digitize your old photograph(s) at a resolution appropriate to the size of the current image and the size of the reproduction that you desire from the reproduction (up to 9600 dpi). Every print image digitally recreated will have the smallest details reproduced. The cost for digitizing your photograph collection is dependant on the size of the original and the type of scan desired. Please refer to our price list for the cost to professionally digitize your photograph collection.

Photograph Restoration

As computer technology has improved over the years, we've gotten to the point where the image processing power once reserved for NASA and the original photographs of the moon can now be harnessed to restore your freshly digitized photograph collection back to it's original condition. In many cases, we can make your old, scratched and yellowed photograph of mom look better than when you first picked it up from Fotomat or the corner drugstore!

Below is an example of the kind of photograph restoration that we can do. This print was more than 50 years old, it had yellowed and faded. The original emulsion was lifting from the edge of the print along and the edges were worn away into the image itself. There were also several small stains that had accumulated over the years. The original print size was rather small, only 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" however by scanning the image at a professional resolution of 4000 dpi (dots per inch), the image can now be enlarged to more desirable dimensions such as 5"x7" or even 8"x10"



(Roll your mouse over the images below to view the original, un-retouched original)

Intensive Restoration Example

This original 60 year old wedding photo had become difficult to view. Stored in an acidic environment, it bore the marks of degradation caused by poor storage in an photo album of that day. Even important family heirlooms such as these can be brought back to life by our expert retouchers!

Photo Restoration
Moderate Restoration Example

Hi-res digitization, Moderate Discoloration/Fading, Damaged Edges, Moderate Scratches

Photo Restoration

Extreme Restoration Example

This restoration required our artist to hand paint the finished print from a faded paper Xerox copy created many years ago from the heavily degraded original print. There wasn't enough original information available to 'retouch' so it had to be recreated using the copy as a template.

Photo Restoration


Light Restoration
Standard digitization, small scratches, minor retouching, colored text removal.

Minor Restoration


This original class picture dating from 1961 had faired well over the years, except for some writing by a magenta marker, there was no discoloration and only a few small scratches and bends. While not the best technique for keeping your images in good condition, these markings are easily removed by our experts. The original photographer couldn't even dream of the power we would have with digital photography today. The distracting power poles were easily removed to make this image even better than the original!

If you would like more information about digitizing or restoring your old photographs, please call me anytime at 720-530-6290 for a private consultation.

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